DHL express is our default shipping method. In remote areas, we send your shoes via EMS. (Transportation time in remote areas will be longer, please be patient)

After successfully completing the payment, you will receive an email confirming the order (sometimes it will go to the trash can, please check the information, address and contact information of the shoes you purchased). We will process your order and ship it within two working days. After that, the tracking number will be sent to you within 3 days.

Recently, due to COVID-19, transportation flights have decreased, so logistics is relatively slow.

We currently choose the two fastest DHL routes.

If the logistics information you are looking for is displayed in Taiwan, the airport queue time is about 2-4 days;if it shows Saudi Arabia,the queue time is 4-7 days

Sometimes, due to the backlog of goods, your package cannot be shipped normally. In this case, we may change the shipping route , you can receive the shoes about 3 days after the plane takes off.Therefore, it takes about 7-15 days from order to receipt.
The German (France, United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain) user's express delivery is transported by the 4PX Worldwide Express special line. We can't provide you with the specific shipping information until the goods arrive in your country (Transportation time:about 6~8 days), and then you can check out it by yourself via 4PX online and receive the shoes in 2~4 days. Please wait patiently after payment, thanks for your understanding! German (France, United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain) special line is exempted from customs inspection, so there are no tariffs. The tracking shipping information from German (France, United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain) special line can be checked out via 4PX Worldwide Express.

Below are the timeframes for International Shipping:

US Canada (5-10 Business Days)
Brazil (7-10 Business Days)

UK France Spain Portugal Netherlands (5-10 Business Days)
Other European Union (28 Countries) (7-12 Business Days)

Japan Singapore Hongkong (5-10 Business Days)
Russia (7-10 Business Days)

Australia (5-10 Business Days)
New Zealand (7-15 Business Days)
Other Countries (7-15 Business Days)

If it happens to be a holiday, there would be 2 or 3 days delay in delivery.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our shipping you may contact us